Updates and revisions are currently being made to the City of Milledgeville Park and Pavilion Guidelines. Contact the below departments for information or reservations.

For Rental of the Pavilion downtown

Milledgeville Main Street
Carlee Schulte
Phone: 478-414-4014

For Rental of Public Parks Inside City Limits & Oconee River Greenway

City of Milledgeville
City Manager’s Office
Phone: 478-414-4092

Central City Park 720 W. Hancock St. 478 452-2003  
Huley Park 1180 N. Wayne St. 478 452-2003  
Little River Park 3096 North Columbia St. 478-452-1605 Website

Find Us

105 E Hancock Street

P.O. Box 1422
Milledgeville, GA 31059

P: (478) 414 4014

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