Allied Arts presents Diego & Chiara

Diego & Chiara ImageMarch 16
Allied Arts presents
Diego & Chiara at Allen’s Market

Diego Figueiredo and Chiara Izzi combine their guitar and vocal skills for a truly unique musical sound.

Diego Figueirdo Trio

January 27
Diego Figueiredo Trio
7:30pm, historic Allen’s Market

Allied Arts presents a performance by the lively and colorful Diego Figueiredo Trio, playing a fusion of Jazz, Bossa Nova, & Classical music.

Diego Figueiredo (pron. Fig-Uh-Ray-Doe) is considered one of the most talented guitar players in the world today & is the winner of several important competitions including the Montreux Jazz Competition and the VISA Prize. Seating is limited for this performance. Get full event details on the Allied Arts website or purchase tickets online.

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